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On the Road: Hannaford, Wappingers Falls, NY

hannaford on the road

SOMEWHERE IN DOWNSTATE NEW YORK — There’s nothing like having no idea where you are…but being able to find a cool grocery store to stop at anyway.

That’s how I felt when I stopped at this Hannaford BB #:101102 in what I later found out was Wappingers Falls, NY. I was on my way from Newark to Poughkeepsie for an event at the Culinary Institute of America, store checking along the way. I was on the drive to find a Stew Leonard’s in Paramus, NJ, but of course I stopped every chance I got.

This Hannaford did not disappoint. I haven’t seen one since I was in Portland, ME, a few years back with my son Ike. This one looks like it was recently renovated, and had a strong emphasis on local produce and in-house fresh-cut.

What I really liked was clear signage, especially on the snack packs for kids. Sometimes I don’t think of giving those to my kids — I just see a smaller size pack and think “huh, that’s not enough for me.”

While it may seem like I’m missing the obvious, sometimes I think it’s wise to spell it out for consumers — even those whose careers revolve around learning about fresh produce.

So, take a look around Hannaford.

Pamela Riemenschneider is the Retail Editor for Blue Book Services.