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Pepper Lovers finds natural gas partner

PRESS RELEASE Pepper Lovers, a division of Growers Union, LLC, BB #:164332, Laredo, TX, started a partnership with Engie, a big international French company that provides natural gas.

Even though Mexico has outstanding weather for growing bell peppers (they need year-round from 6 to 8 hours of warmth and sun), growing them in winter can be risky for getting few low temperatures. Not even greenhouses are the solution for warmth. This could eventually damage the harvest.

Gerardo López COO of the Growers Union said: “This is why Pepper Lovers and Engie decided to make an alliance. They made a big investment in pipeline ducts to get to our farms, so we could get great quality natural gas for our greenhouses. We are proud and more than happy to work with them. This will keep our product, fresh, healthy and full of flavor during the winter. Besides burning natural gas is more friendly for our environment”.

Engie has shown interest in Mexico to provide natural gas to responsible growers of fresh fruits and vegetables. Pepper Lovers feels total trust and looking forward to grow with over the years with this alliance.