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Make way for loaf-size avocados

avozilla – peaches
Are you ready to toast that whole loaf? I’ve got the perfect avocado for you.

Somebody tell Trader Joe’s that Teeny Tiny Avocados are out and Ridiculous Huge fruit is in.

A few years ago, Avocados From Mexico published an April Fool’s Day prank about a 52-pound avocado, but lately there have been several stories of larger-than-usual avocados that have piqued people’s interest.

The latest comes from Florida, and a farm that’s growing wacky long avocados so popular there’s a wait list to buy them. Miami Fruit, a company that started as a Miami-area fruit stand, is selling a long neck avocado under the Pura Vida brand, according to the company’s website and social media.

Pura Vida avocados are the Russell variety, known for an elongated, gourd-like shape.

Pura Vida avocados are the Russell variety, native to the Caribbean and known for their elongated gourd-like shape. With some clever social media, and an appearance on the Today show, the Pura Vida avocados are all the rage.

But they’re not the only big avocados to go viral lately.

Remember this Hawaiian grower who’s been regularly donating 6-pound fruit to the food bank?

By popular demand, Peaches Fresh Food brought back the Avozilla, a line of extra, extra large avocados.

And then there’s the Avozilla, a line sold by Peaches Fresh Food in Western Australia. Peaches, according to its social media, makes it a habit of offering supersize fruits and vegetables.

The retailer introduced the Avozilla as a special feature last year, and brought it back again this season due to its popularity. They’re selling it for about $8 each, which in this summer’s avocado market doesn’t seem too outrageous.

One of my friends is even getting into the gig. She recently relocated to a military base in Hawaii, and was pleasantly surprised to find this 2-pound whopper on the tree in her back yard.

Just think of all the toast you could make with these avocados.

Sorry, guys. Tiny fruit is OVER.

(NO…not really!)


Pamela Riemenschneider is the Retail Editor for Blue Book Services.