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Apeel gets retail validation from Midwest chain

ORLANDO, FL – A Midwest retail chain tested Apeel’s plant-based coatings on its avocados and liked it enough to commit fully to the technology.

“We’re thrilled to have Martin’s on board, and it validates our message,” said Gordon Robertson, chief revenue officer for Apeel Sciences, Goleta, CA, March 9 at the Southeast Produce Council’s Southern Exposure expo.

He said along with Martin’s Super Markets, South Bend, IN, more retailers are testing and seeing success with Apeel technology, which creates value for avocados, asparagus and citrus, while also creating value for the retailers.

Natalie Shuman, director of trade and retail marketing, said consumers have asked about the technology through social media, and they’ve accepted and embraced the explanation that Apeel basically “uses food to protect food,” which increases its shelf life and reduce food waste.

She said Apeel has gotten nice publicity from Time magazine and Fast Company.

Here at Blue Book, we tested some caviar limes that used Apeel treatments, and you can see the results.


Greg Johnson is Director of Media Development for Blue Book Services