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Wonderful aims at parents for new Halos snacking campaign

LOS ANGELES (February 12, 2019) – Wonderful Halos, America’s No. 1 most loved healthy snack brand, launched a new integrated marketing campaign this season, “The Checks-All-The-Boxes Box,” to encourage parents to choose sweet, seedless, easy-to-peel Halos mandarins as the perfect solution when assigned the sometimes daunting task of snack duty.

The campaign is based on the insight that snack duty can be a stressful and annoying chore, made worse by the fact that parents know they’ll be judged for what snack they bring to their kids’ extracurricular activities. As an easy solution that both parents and kids love, a box of Halos turns into “The Yes-I-Brought-Enough-For-The-Whole-Team Box” for soccer practice, or “The My-Kid’s-Involved-In-Everything Box” for the school recital, or “The For-The-Love-Of-Pete-Don’t-Touch-That-Cake-Yet Box” for birthday parties. In-store point-of-sale (POS), a national FSI, an expanded influencer campaign, social media ads, digital integrations with event planning sites, and consumer emails show parents they can become the ultimate snack duty mom or dad by simply showing up with a box of Wonderful Halos. Halos check all the boxes because they are healthy, convenient, individually wrapped in their own peels, require no additional prep or refrigeration, are common classroom allergen-free and, best of all, loved by both parents and kids.

(Photo courtesy Wonderful) The Halos campaign features new “Snack Duty” in-store point-of-sale (POS) displays that spotlight Halos as the perfect solution for all those snack duty occasions.

“Eighty percent of parents bring snacks for their kids’ events – and 50 percent of them are bringing snacks more than five times per year,” said Adam Cooper, vice president, marketing, The Wonderful Company. “The new multimillion-dollar campaign is designed to tap into these snack duty occasions and empower parents to choose a 5 pound box of Wonderful Halos over other sugary snacks as the good choice solution.”

The multifaceted campaign also includes a partnership with the popular Holderness Family, known on YouTube for their annual “Christmas Jammies” viral music videos, who debuted a new original song and music video, “Snack Panic Attack” to highlight Halos as the perfect time-saving, healthy snack that will alleviate mom’s snack duty anxiety. The humorous video is posted across their social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, to reach their audience of more than two million followers.

To build upon the success of the company’s “Grove of Goodness” POS display program with over 20,000 displays already shipped to stores this season, “The Checks-All-the-Boxes Box” campaign features an additional 15,000 pieces of Snack Duty POS, including a spectacular display and new bin bases. The displays feature lifestyle imagery showcasing several occasions where Halos make the perfect snack to help reinforce the snack duty message to consumers in store.

Halos’s season-long digital investment also draws upon these occasions by way of witty social posts and a video that light-heartedly pokes fun at complicated snack recipes only to reveal Halos as the easy, go-to, healthy snack duty winner.

Wonderful Halos are sold in 3 pound and 5 pound bags and 5 pound boxes, and will be available nationwide through May.