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An Apeel-ing experience

Apeel Sciences sent me a Happy New Year kit of caviar limes grown by Good Land Organics, Santa Barbara, CA, so I decided to do a little test.

I tried one immediately, and it was just as expected — sour, tangy and fun.

I left the box on my desk for a week and tried another — sour, tangy and fun.

I left the box on my desk for yet ANOTHER week — sour, tangy and fun. Here’s where I intended to do the video. I thought two weeks was a respectable time to see how Apeel’s technology, which is most commonly known, right now, for applications with extending the shelf life of avocados.

Well, see, life happened, and I didn’t get around to making the video, and I thought surely these things were going to be dried up husks when I finally got them down to the kitchen to see what they looked like.

Cue my surprise when I found them sour, tangy and fun after three weeks of sitting, neglected, on my desk.


Pamela Riemenschneider is the Retail Editor for Blue Book Services.