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USDA awards over $2.85 million to California Table Grape Commission

The California Table Grape Commission has been awarded over $2.85 million as part of the USDA Agricultural Trade Promotion (ATP) program. ATP is intended to help mitigate the damage done to U.S. agricultural products by tariffs imposed by multiple countries. Over $200 million was allocated to organizations throughout the country. Of the 17 California-based ATP recipients, the commission ranked third in total dollars allocated.

“The commission will use the funds to increase promotion activities in key export markets in 2019,” said Kathleen Nave, commission president. “The 53 percent tariff imposed on California grapes by China made the 2018 season a difficult one for growers; the latest data from USDA indicates that shipments to China, the third highest volume market for California table grapes, were down more than 50 percent. Exports to other Asian markets were down as well. Sales in the domestic market were hurt because competing commodities also lost sales in China due to tariffs and needed to sell the fruit domestically. It was a very, very difficult year.”

The ATP funds will be used during the 2019 California table grape season, which starts in May and runs through January 2020. According to Nave, most of the money will be used for consumer advertising, which is something the commission does not usually have the ability to fund in export markets. Nave said, “the focus in export markets in 2019 will be on regaining market share.”

About the California Table Grape Commission
The California Table Grape Commission was created by the California legislature in 1967 to increase worldwide demand for fresh California grapes through a variety of research and promotional programs. The fresh California grape season starts in May and runs through January.

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