The impossible dream and reality

Technology is omnipresent.

It is making life easier and more difficult—it is hard to figure out how to use all the gadgets effectively (and I thought the television remote was confusing).

The once-thought impossible (driverless cars, for example) is within commercial reach. New computers, using quantum technology, are not far over the horizon. Apps that connect you with every gadget in your house and business are here.

The produce industry is benefiting mightily from tech: in-store automation is making grocery shopping faster and easier; growers are controlling water, fertilizer, and other functions with drones and phone apps; distributors are using robots; and truckers are using new reefer technology that provides more data on how loads are being maintained.

These ingenious technologies, thought to be only a dream not many years ago, are now commonplace. What new and exciting technologies are coming down the road?

Blue Book Services, too, is staying on the cutting edge, offering a new Know Your Commodity Guide app. You can find extensive, detailed, need-to-know information at the touch of your finger. The Blue Book app, recently upgraded, puts you in touch with ratings, contact data, and people, 24/7.

A new digital newsletter, the Produce Reporter, is now in your inbox daily, providing facts, insight, and analysis on a wide range of business topics. In addition, the website has been redesigned, giving you exactly what you need, when you need it.

The Blue Book team is constantly recreating and reviewing what we do to serve our valued members in ways that will make their business lives easier and more productive.

What can we do for you? If you have a suggestion or future-forward idea—no matter how impossible it may seem—let us know.

When I go home tonight, I vow to finally learn how to use my TV remote. Long overdue…

Jim Carr is president and CEO of Blue Book Services Inc.