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Southeast Florida farmers markets

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Fort Pierce State Farmers Market
Established in 1940, the Fort Pierce Market is located on a 40-acre site near the Atlantic coast. Although the market used to primarily pack tomatoes and other vegetables, it has transitioned to packing and processing the well-known Indian River Citrus products.

Today, the market is home to 17 tenants that process or pack citrus, citrus juice and by-products. There are also tenants who handle cucumbers, pickle production and mushrooms. In 2017, the market sold $35.6 million worth of products.

Edward L. Myrick State Farmers Market
Formerly known as the Pompano State Farmers Market, this market’s name was changed in 2015 to honor Edward L. Myrick, a veteran of the U.S. Army and a pillar in the Pompano Beach agricultural community. Myrick started working at the Pompano State Farmers Market in 1964 and formed Edward L. Myrick Produce in 1976. 

Founded in 1939, this 20-acre market is comprised of 25 tenants, mostly produce wholesale brokers. The market’s total sales for 2017 added up to $23.2 million.

Florida City State Farmers Market
The southernmost market in the United States, the Florida City State Farmers Market was founded in 1940. This 20-acre site houses 19 tenants as well as warehouses, coolers, packing facilities, and offices. Known as the “Winter Salad Bowl” for most of the United States and Canada, this market distributes Southern Florida produce across the globe. The market rang up sales of $49.4 million in 2017.


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