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The Star Group Expands Their Inspired Leaves Line

Company Press Release – The newest offering from The Star Group is Inspired Leaves; Canadian Grown, pesticide free lettuce that is cut, washed, and ready-to-eat. This new product is an extension of Inspired Greens living lettuce, which is greenhouse grown year-round in Coaldale, AB.

“We are taking ultra clean, fresh lettuce and making it more convenient for consumers,” said David Karwacki, CEO of The Star Group. “We want to offer a better option in the packaged lettuce category, and we are able to do that because our greens are grown and cut from living lettuce in Western Canada – making it as fresh as possible when it hits retail.”

In March, The Star Group released their Inspired Leaves Multileaf Blend into retail to test the market and the internal operations at their cut facility (Sliced FC). After promising results, they decided to expand the Inspired line. Committed to the future of Inspired Leaves, The Star Group has invested in a new cut facility in Calgary, AB to expand Sliced FC’s capabilities. Sliced FC currently runs 2 Canadian facilities that are superior in food safety practices, and this new facility will be no different. With state of the art machinery purchased specifically for the use on tender leaves, as well as experienced staff, Inspired Leaves will take superiorly clean and fresh greens, and make them more convenient for consumers to enjoy.

The Star Group will be launching 4 new offerings under the Inspired Leaves label: Butter Blend, Crispies & Crunchies, Greenhouse Greens, and Canadian Reds. The line is expected to launch Mid-June and will be available in 142g packs.

The Star Group is in the works to take it one step further with Inspired Salads, offing consumers a full spectrum of options of how they can enjoy these delicious greens. Watch for more on Inspired Salads in Fall 2018.

Curious to know more about the “Inspired” lineup and other innovative ideas being developed by The Star Group? Contact Jessica Wells with any questions and for more information.

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