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Longing for Longevity

Blueprints tackles longevity in two articles this edition: our second feature explores the secrets to success for multigenerational companies, while Retail Reflections examines lessons learned from key players in the produce industry, several of which are proud Blue Book Trading Members.

Trading (and Transportation) Membership is an honorary designation recognizing financially sound companies with an exceptional reputation for honest, fair trading policies and payment practices. Members can search for these companies on BBOS: go to “Search Companies,” then the “Rating” tab. Click the checkbox for “All Trading/Transportation Members,” then “Search.” Your results can be printed, exported, or navigated
on screen.

More about Trading or Transportation Membership can be found under Education. Click “Membership Guide” then scroll down to “Ratings & Blue Book Credit Scores” for detailed information. A “Learning Center Search” with the term “Trading Membership” can provide additional information.


Kathi Orlowski is senior project expediter at Blue Book Services, Inc.