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A Good Arrival Quiz

Understanding the warranty of suitable shipping condition
Trading Assistance

13. Carriers do not warrant that the product will make good arrival. True. An easy one. Carriers are responsible for protecting the product in their possession by, among other things, properly maintaining transit temperatures and delivering in a timely manner, but they do not warrant the product will make good arrival.

14. If the commodity in question is not listed in the Good Arrival Guide-lines, then it cannot be found to be abnormally deteriorated in breach of the warranty of suitable shipping condition. False. Although the Good Arrival Guide-lines help assess whether product is abnormally deteriorated upon arrival at contract destination, this determination is not dependent upon a good arrival standard. Since 15 percent average condition defects for a five-day trip is the most common standard, arguably this is an important reference point when assessing whether a commodity not listed in the Good Arrival Guidelines is abnormally deteriorated.

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Doug Nelson is vice president of the Special Services department at Blue Book Services. Nelson previously worked as an investigator for the U.S. Department of Agriculture and as an attorney specializing in commercial litigation.