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Boston – More Than A Feeling

Beantown’s twin markets deliver the basics and more day in and day out

An Expanding Future
Despite a few glitches and hurdles, the produce business is booming in Boston. “The economy is good, and business is growing,” Messinger enthuses.

Travers agrees: “The produce industry is strong,” he asserts. “The trend with consumers has been to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables, so I think it’s definitely a viable industry.”

“Unless Boston moves, the future looks good,” Piazza laughs. “It’s all about location, representation, integrity, trust, and relationships. We’ve got well-established, family-owned companies in Boston that are generations old, and they’re keeping up with the changes.”

There are also plans on the horizon for a casino to be constructed in Everett, which could boost business even more for the NEPC and BMT. At an estimated total cost of $2.1 billion, the 24-story casino and hotel complex, to be named Wynn Boston Harbor, is expected to open in spring 2019.

“I think there’s still plenty of growth in Boston,” Messinger adds. “There are new buildings and developments going up, and new restaurants coming in. So the future looks good for new and increased business.”

As is clear from this article, Boston’s bright future is more than a feeling.

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