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Pete Pappas & Sons, Inc. New Joint Venture: Smoky Mountain Family Farms

Company Press Release

Jessup, MD, March 8, 2016 – Pete Pappas & Sons, Inc., a fourth-generation, family owned and operated company, has joined the Fish family of Tennessee to start Smoky Mountain Family Farms (SMFF). SMFF utilizes the rich Tennessee farmland of the Smoky Mountains to grow Round, Roma, Grape, Cherry and Vine Ripened tomatoes. SMFF is the culmination of over 100 years of family business expertise between the Pappas and Fish families in the growing, packing and distribution of top quality tomatoes. SMFF will focus on high standards of product quality and business integrity with a forward-thinking business model.

“This business venture represents a unique opportunity for both the Pappas and Fish family businesses. I’m thrilled to vertically integrate my company with a family-run growing operation and we look forward to a long future of full-service tomato distribution from farm to fork.” says Pete Pappas, CEO.

Christine Fish Gilliam, the General Manager of SMFF, says that, “Everyone at Fish Farms is excited to be a part of this great merger with the Pappas family. We are confident that with our growing abilities and the Pappas marketing strategies that SMFF will become a leading entity of farm fresh produce.”

Smoky Mountain Family Farms’ office is located at 929 O’Neil Rd Newport, TN 37821 and is run by General Manager Christine Fish Gilliam, Farm Manager Jimmy Fish and Sales Manager Robert Tambone. Contact SMFF directly via Office Phone: (423) 625-1220 and Fax: (423) 623-6901.

Robert Tambone says, “The principals involved in Smoky Mountain Family Farms understand completely that first-class quality and customer service are key. This new venture will further enhance a ‘year-round’ footprint in supplying our quality minded customers 52 weeks a year utilizing the other growers with whom I am associated.” He can be reached by phone at (941) 713-1725.

The Fish and Pappas families have a long and humble history in the tomato industry. The Fish family began growing tomatoes with a mule and plow one-man operation. The Pappas family business began as a man selling produce out of a cart. These modest beginnings each blossomed into two booming businesses with a focus on family, quality and integrity. SMFF is the continuation of these ideals through a full-service, farm to fork, family-run tomato operation.

If you would like more information about Smoky Mountain Family Farms, please contact Paul Pappas at (443) 296-7880 or email